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             Credit Unions first began in rural Germany over 150 years ago.  Local farmers, sorely beset by several years of drought and failed crops, began to lose their land to uncaring money lenders.  Along with their land, they lost their only means of livelihood.  The mayor of one small farming community organized a cooperative savings and lending association to help his villagers through this difficult period.  He convinced them to pool their resources and make low interest loans to each other to get through the hard times.  The plan worked, it worked very well.  And the tiny cooperative evolved into the world’s first Credit Union.  The plan worked so well, in fact, that the Credit Union idea spread around the world and eventually turned into an international movement of people.

In 1960 Castle Valley Federal Credit Union was established as a community chartered Credit Union.  And in 1981 the name of the credit union changed to Desertview Federal Credit Union with the merge of Castle Valley Federal Credit Union and American Coal Credit Union, assets at that time was just over $1 million dollars.  Today Desertview Federal Credit Union has become a leading financial cooperative for our community.  It serves members and their families throughout Emery County.  While through the years the Credit Union has made some changes, it is important to remember we are a direct descendant of the first Credit Union in rural Germany.  And the basic philosophy of today’s Credit Union is not different.  Desertview Federal Credit Union is here to meet the financial needs of its members and provide a safe institution where they can earn more on savings and pay less on loans.

All savings are insured by National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) the strongest government agency on each members account to at least $250,000.  The Credit Union offers a number of services that make your membership even more valuable.  To join Desertview Federal Credit Union you must be eligible by living or working in Emery County.  After joining, you are a lifelong member, because once a member always a member.  Keep in mind, being a member of Desertview Federal Credit Union, you are a part owner.  You have a vote in the Credit Union’s election for the Board of Directors, and you’re invited to the Annual Meeting to express your opinions.  You are truly a partner in your own financial cooperative.
We look forward to serving you as a member in our Credit Union Family.  And helping you with all your financial needs.  Let your next $25 work for you in the best way it can – in a Credit Union.
We appreciate and Thank You for your support.




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